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Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:28 pm

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This spring my Norcold fridge 0740BB wasn't working. I did the turn it upside down trick thinking it had sediment in the lines. I reinstalled the unit and it started working but would only stay cold for a short time period and then would get warm. I do have 13 volts coming off the battery. Mind you the fridge is only 3 years old and have used it 20 days. I bought a new fridge and put it in and I let it run over night and this morning I checked it and it did not get cold. Help! Is my problem somewhere else than the fridge?
I can't imagine a second fridge being bad. By battery hook up has 4 wires. Two red and two black and I''ve have them going to the appropriate terminals on the battery. Red to pos. and Black to neg.

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